Buddha Gear-Planting the Seeds of Mindfulness ( by Lulu Qu of http://heydoyou.com/ )

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Buddha Bands provide fashion and function, with moisture-wicking fabric and a hidden pocket that holds your chosen crystal over your third eye for better yoga, meditation and sleep. Every crystal has a different energy and vibration and facilitates a slightly different experience or journey when held over your third eye. A different crystal takes you on a different journey!

Buddha Gear always gives back a portion of all proceeds to help clothe the homeless. Buddha Gearrecently donated over 200lbs. of clothing to Salt Lake City Women’s Shelter and the Buddhist Temple.

About Buddha Gear:

Buddha gear is all about spreading seeds of kindness and mindfulness with a cool kick and awesome brand! Everyone wears hats, headbands and beanies with someone else’s logo on it. Buddha gear even pays other companies to advertise for them all over our bodies. Buddha Gear’s goal is to create a cool way to wear a symbol that people actually resonate with as opposed to being a walking billboard! Buddha gear likes to think of it as “an outward expression of an inner reflection…”

Who is Buddha Gear?

Joy has been designing and selling hats for 12 years, putting hats on over 200,000 women! Designing new styles and setting affordable trends is her passion. Jason has been an adventure guide and wellness coach for 3 decades. Helping people connect with their inner child and find peace through personal experience and mindfulness practice is his passion!  Together they have a combined passion for giving back and helping people find peace and balance in their lives, while having fun in the process.

Meditation headbands, beanies and hats are just the beginning of our meditation and mindfulness gear. As a guide and wellness coach, Jason has traveled and studied with spiritual masters across the globe in order to share this wisdom with his clients and the world. Joy has the heart, talent and artistic expression to imbue this energy into her headwear designs. “Together we have created a brand that in under a year is speaking to a wide and diverse audience, meeting our goal to plant the seeds of mindfulness across our beautiful planet!”

To learn more, visit Buddha Gear’s Kickstarter link http://kck.st/2GMuzEI or www.Buddha-Gear.com, find some interesting pledge packages, pick up some cool headwear and help clothe the homeless.


Repost with permission from Heydoyou.com 


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